Welcome to Your New Site!

Welcome to Your New Site!

What's New!

The new site brings you a number of useful new tools designed to help address issues affecting your personal life, work life, health and wellbeing and to assist you to prepare for future work and life changes. These new tools are in addition to the comprehensive range of information, online services and advice available on the website.

What's new in the site:

  • A new look
  • Easier access to information about the services available to you
  • New wellbeing screeners
  • New tobacco cessation planner
  • New eCards
  • New health and wellbeing calculators
  • Easier access to your telephone support contact details

My Services & Programmes

Descriptions of all your services can now be found on one page. Click on "My Services & Programmes" in the main navigation bar.

Topic Centres

Topic centres can be accessed via the main navigation menu. In the topic centres you will find articles and local resources to address concerns relating to that topic. Articles provide information about a specific issue and advice on how to take steps to address concerns.

Tools & Programmes

The "Tools & Programmes" area of the site can be accessed via Quick Links in the orange box on the right side of the page. This sections contains a variety of interactive tools and programmes for your use:


Screeners for depression and anxiety. Use these tools to identify concerns that you may wish to share with your doctor or mental health specialist.

Tobacco Cessation

A self-help tobacco cessation program that will allow you to work on your wellbeing and create the life you want whenever you are ready.


Use the range of attractive ecards to reach out and message someone to brighten their day, provide hope and encouragement and support connectiveness.

Health Calculators

Access a range of calculators to find out more about your state of health and see how lifestyle changes can impact your health and wellbeing statistics.

*Resources and information available to you on may vary depending on your benefit.

 Help Centre

What is my Access Code?

If you have an existing username and password for the member site, your username is now your access code. You no longer need to enter a password.

Why don't I need a password anymore?

We've simplified the process so now there's only one piece of information to remember.

Where can I find out more about the new site?

Click here to take a look at our "What's New" site overview

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